1970-1971 Roanoke Valley Rebels

Record: 31-34-9 – Lost in round 1 of the playoffs

Coach: Colin Kilburn

1970-1971 Roanoke Valley Rebels Regular Season Player Stats

Dave Parenteau7030578748
Dale MacLeish66412263141
August George7425315631
Ray Woit7415385312
Bobby Guindon6024295381
Jim Jago5618325075
Bob Lacey5124224658
Wayne Mosdell7312334516
James Lorette6513304360
Pete Shearer7013294271
Norm Bean643313473
Jack Chipchase612303292
Ken Miller69131932188
Claude Piche151112230
Don Rozich7010122239
Ken Rodgers2826812
Brian McDowell2416718
Wayne Newell152576
Ray Schultz2634783
Paul Grills102357
Colin Kilburn612323
Jerry Lacasse42020
Merv Haney711221
Billy Woodyatt150000
Andre Bouchard20006
Jimmy Letcher640000

1970-1971 Roanoke Valley Rebels Playoff Player Stats